IAMAW Local Lodge


Welcome to Local Lodge 1782!


Hello, and welcome to Local 1782! Our Lodge represents Customer Service Agents at British Airways, Southwest Airlines and United Airlines. To do this, we maintain three IAMAW Contracts, and we are grouped into two separate union districts, District 141 and District 142. Sound complex? Well, Local 1782 also stretches out over hundreds of miles of Southern California, and includes five airports – located in Reno, Sacramento, San Francisco, San Jose and Oakland. 

It may seem daunting, but the women and men that call Local 1782 home are some of the most talented and energetic workers anywhere in the airline industry! We succeed by sharing ideas and information with each other, working hard, and helping look out for each other in times of crisis. If you have an idea or some time to spare, and would like to volunteer with your Lodge, we would love to hear from you! Just ask any Union Steward or Committee Member how you can help out – and THANK YOU!