Terri Durhan




Terri Durhan attended a “Work Safe” class that was presented by the managing attorney for WorkSafe, Jora Trang.


The class pertained to knowing your rights. What training rules apply to most workers in California. IIPP – Injury and Illness Prevention Program.

The standard for IIPP says employers must train all their workers about all the hazards in their job.

  • ┬áBefore a task
  • How to do it properly
  • How to use tools, equipment etc..
  • Inform employees of all hazards in the task
  • The protections to prevent or reduce hazards
  • How to use PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) Properly
  • The procedure to report hazards, Injury and illnesses
  • It is illegal for a supervisor or a member of management to retaliate against anyone that reports hazards, injuries or illnesses

Website: jtrand@worksafe.org